Cattle Mutilations Links/Media

Part 1 Links and Media

Linda Moulton Howe Earthfiles

Audio Excerpts from A Strange Harvest – Produced and Reported by Linda Mouton Howe – 1980

Bulls Killed, Mutilated On Oregon Ranch

Bizarre Cattle Mutilation in Argentina – Coast to Coast AM

Investigation Destination Libation (IDL) 1st Episode Kickoff Video

IDL (Investigation Destination Libation) Ingredients: Dragons Milk Imperial Strout, The Knot Whiskey, & Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Part 2 Links and Media

Yeti Imperial Stout – Great Divide Brewing Company

Angels, Aliens, and Prophecy – The Connection – Betsey Lewis

A Strange Harvest – 1989 Documentary – Linda Moutlon Howe

The Human Mutilation Factor – Don Ecker

Manhattan Cafe – Facebook

Emmet Idaho Cow Killings – April 2010

Chesterfield Idaho Cow Killings – June 2019

Oregon Bulls Link- July 2019 – Google Oregon Bull Mutilations

South Hills Cow Mutilations – August 2019 – Investigation Ongoing

Logan Utah Airport Standoff – Article citing NIDS report

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