A Strange Thing In The Woods

Hello Strange people! A Strange Thing Podcast is collecting stories for a listener inspired episode featuring YOUR STRANGE STORIES!

The Theme for this fun and creepy podcast is “A Strange Thing in the Woods” and is all about YOUR strange stories that take place OUTDOORS (it DOES NOT have to take place in the woods).

Maybe you were camping, or hiking, or hunting, or mountain biking, or hanging out in a graveyard, or lost, or dreaming, or…you get the idea!

If you or someone you know has a STRANGE story about something that happened out in the wild, we want to hear about it! Your story might even make it into the podcast and be shared with MILLIONS of people all over the world (or a few dozen anyway). You could even get some free stuff!

So, earn yourself some kudos and some seriously awesome swag! We already have one strange story in the que, now we are waiting for yours!

Send your stories to mystory@astrangething.com or, If you want to try your hand at narrating your own story, attach and send an audio file (no more than 3 megs). Be FAMOUS!

We can’t wait to hear your strange things!

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