Your Stories…We Want Them!

Periodically we do an episode themed around our listener’s stories and we want YOURS! Please send your STRANGE stories to: mystory@astrangething.com

Send us your STRANGE story on any topic. Your story might inspire a future episode!

Currently, we are preparing 2 episodes featuring YOUR stories concerning:

Strange Dreams

Everyone has a strange dream now and then but sometimes dreams are beyond the normal strangeness of dreaming. Sometimes dreams change your life or rock your world. Perhaps it’s a recurring dream? Maybe it’s dream that tells you a message? Maybe it’s more like a vision that instills knowledge or even a warning? We want hear and share your strange dream stories.

Strange Blind/Online/Internet Dates

There is no shortage of wild and strange stories in this category. Perhaps you have a funny story? Maybe it was creepy, scary, or terrifying? Maybe the date was fine but something really strange happened while a date. Whatever it is, we want to hear about your strange date!

What are you waiting for? Send us an email and/or attach an audio file if you would like to deliver your story in your own words! Send to : mystory@astrangething.com

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