Strange Rocks – Part 1 – Map Rock

Map Rock is a large petroglyph covered boulder due west of Melba, Idaho. It’s roughly the size of a car and sits just a few yards off of Map Rock Road. It’s the color of over-ripe prunes.

While speculative, the map-like inscriptions closely resemble modern day cartography (maps). That’s how it got its name in 1922.

The age of the engravings that cover the boulder have been a topic of debate in scientific communities for years, but serious estimates place the age up 12,000 years old! If true, Map Rock is the oldest known map of its kind IN THE WORLD!

The entire region surrounding Map Rock is a petroglyph landmine. Hundreds, if not thousands, of petroglyphs dot the landscape throughout this section of the Snake River plain.

Hunting down petroglyphs can be tricky! You never know who might be lurking about. Below is a short video featuring our little scaly friend who was admiring another petroglyph a half mile east of Map Rock.

I believe this was a Western Rattlesnake and it was about 5 yards from where Austin is standing. I almost stepped on it before it scooted into the brush. To her credit, she gave me fair warning.

Keep checking back for more information and ongoing Strange Rocks investigation podcast episodes. Here’s a hint at what’s coming down the pipe:

And finally, for those who might have missed this topic series kickoff, here is a link to our Strange Rocks IDL (Investigation Destination Libation) kickoff near Map Rock in the Snake River canyon west of Melba. Forgive the terrible image and audio quality, the wind was howling, the light was fading, and the videographer (Mike) was pretty much lamesauce.

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