E24 – Strange Holiday Traditions

The Caganer

The caganer is a typical Catalan Christmas figure characterized by its cheeky position in the nativity scene.


Caga Tio

Caga Tiós, Catalan Christmas logs stacked up at a market in Girona, Spai – Lindsay Patterson

NPR Caga Tio Article

Hiding the Christmas Pickle

Christmas Pickle?

Ancient Originations

Yule Log History

Christmas Tree History

Santa Claus



Clip Cameo Credits

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer; Caga Tio Song; Hide The Pickle; The Year Without A Santa Claus; Santa Claus is Coming To Town; Krampus Song; Frank Sinatra – Mistletoe and Holly; How The Grinch Stole Christmas

2 Replies to “E24 – Strange Holiday Traditions”

  1. Okay, so new listener and loving your podcast.

    However… Caga Tio and Catalan are Spanish-related, NOT French. Tio is uncle en Español. Catalan is a Spanish dialect, originating in Spain. The French do have their own Noel traditions, but Caga Tio isn’t one of them. Just an FYI.

    I truly enjoy and appreciate the ease of the banter and the great relationship between you two. It makes for enjoyable listening. I also enjoy the scientific/cryptid/paranormal basis for the show and the adult beverage recipes. You guys sound like you truly enjoy each other’s company and it’s pretty heartwarming.

    (Also, it’s pronounced fō-lē-əg, not foy-ləg. Foliage. My husband used to make the same pronunciation error. I fixed him.)

  2. Hey Kate, just wanted to say “THANKS” for the gentle correction. I remember when talking about this I had heard about it through a Jim Gaffigan comedy special that was recorded in France. I think I just got things jumbled up when he talked about Northern Catalonia where he was exposed to the tradition. I’ll try to make a few edits in the near future and get things a bit more accurate. Again, thank you for listening and taking the time to help us out and for the kind words. We really appreciate it!

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