Strange Rocks – Part 4a – Mythos

Take a Ride on the Wild Side – IDV/MIDV Update

Snakes, Serpents, and Dragons Everywhere

Below are a few links to examples we mentioned in this episode.

Saint Patrick and the Snakes

The Ishtar Gate


Reptilian Shapeshifters?

Elohim, Nephilim, Raphaim, Annunaki and the Watchers

Below are a few links dealing with the incredible heavenly creature mythologies we’ve discussed multiple times on our podcast. The views expressed on these links don’t necessarily represent the views of A Strange Thing Podcast. These links are intended to be a starting point for your own investigations.

WARNING! These topics can easily suck you down the vortex.

The Elohim

The Nephilim

The Rephaim

The Anunnaki

The Watchers

Ancient Mesopotamian Gods

Marduk, Baal, Molech, and More

Thor and Midgaurd Serpent Jormungandr

Austin’s Rocks


Darwinian Worm Poop Sinkage

Easter Island

Dry Fork Canyon, Uah – Severed Heads _ Big Feet

Petroglyph Point – Tule Lake

Mike’s Rocks

Balanced Rock -Southern Idaho

Rainbow Bridge – Southern Utah

Cabin Fever – Muppet Treasure Island

Strange Rocks – Part 3

One of the strangest things about ancient petroglyphs is that different sites throughout the world share many of the same iconic themes, even when on different continents! Many of these symbols were being chiseled into rocks at or near the same time but at very distant locations.

Examples of Spiral Petroglyphs

Are these ideographic icons inspired by the same events. Did the peoples creating these glyphs experience similar events while scattered across the planet? How is that possible? What might this phenomena mean?

Nevada – Ireland

The petroglyphs in Northern Nevada are thought to be the oldest known petroglyphs on the continent! Can you say 14,800 years old?

Winnemucca Lake Petroglyphs

And yet the designs are similar to those found in Ireland!

Shaman – Medicine Man – Creature – ???

Snakes – Flying/Feathered Serpents – Dragons

Serpents Everywhere

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Kung Fu Fighting – Dread Zeppelin Cover

Whiskey and Water – Poverty Flats

Strange Rocks – Part 2 – Petroglyphs

Wees Bar –

Prior to the building of the Swan Falls Dam, a hydroelectric dam built in 1909 on the Snake River, James Lowell Wees, farmer and gold miner, settled in the Snake River Canyon in 1879.

Circa 1910 photo ID-A-0241 from WaterArchives.org

Just up the hill from what are now the remnants of Wees’ stone house are a bunch of large boulders with petroglyphs on their smooth sides.

Photo Credit – Chad Albright – It Started Outdoors

The petroglyphs are believed to have been chiseled into the hard basalt boulders by the ancestors of the Shoshone Paiute/Bannock tribes up to 10,000 years ago!

Photo Credit – Chanel Abrianna – House of Wander
Wees Bar Petroglyph

The trail that leads to Wees Bar from Swan Falls is a good 12 miles round trip so bring lots of water, snacks, and watch for snakes.

Here are a couple links with more pics and detail:

House of Wander Blog – Wees Bar Petroglyphs

Visit Idaho – Exploring Idaho’s Petroglyphs

Lavan Martineau

“Rocks do speak, if you know how to read them. LaVan did. Before he passed away in 2000, he devoted over 44 years to learning their secrets. His entire life has been spent among the Indians. He was familiar with their ways, traditions, and philosophies. Knowledgable in the sign language, fluent in Indian tongues, versed in cryptonalytical methods.

A man who could produce the key to the mystery of rock writings had to be an unusual man, a man tenacious in the quest for discovery. Here is a man with the right tools and the right background to tell this story, not his story, early man’s story, the Language of the rocks. This was: LaVan Martineau.” – KC Publications

Biography and photos courtesy of the Utah Division of Arts & Museums

Lavan Martineau Facebook Page

Author’s Website

Strange Rocks

Stay tuned for our next topical series, Strange Rocks. Join us as we explore the strange picta/petro ‘graph/glyphs’ that dot the globe. Are these simply carvings and paintings that depict the lives and times of ancient peoples? Or, are they a lot more? Let’s investigate together!

And as a side nugget (pun intended), here is our IDL (Investigation Destination Libation) for the Strange Rocks kickoff:

The Journey Begins

There are a lot of strange things that happen in the world, more than we care admit. We all experience those moments that make our hairs stand up, that make us scratch our heads or prompt nervous laughter or cause us to shiver, scream, run, panic, or freeze-up. And we’ve all heard stories. We’ve heard myths and legends and news reports that make our ears perk up and our hearts beat a little faster.

A Strange Thing is all about sharing these experiences. Some are scary, some are funny, others are thought provoking and maybe even hint at something much more sinister and nefarious than we care to imagine.

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