Strange Rocks – Part 3

One of the strangest things about ancient petroglyphs is that different sites throughout the world share many of the same iconic themes, even when on different continents! Many of these symbols were being chiseled into rocks at or near the same time but at very distant locations.

Examples of Spiral Petroglyphs

Are these ideographic icons inspired by the same events. Did the peoples creating these glyphs experience similar events while scattered across the planet? How is that possible? What might this phenomena mean?

Nevada – Ireland

The petroglyphs in Northern Nevada are thought to be the oldest known petroglyphs on the continent! Can you say 14,800 years old?

Winnemucca Lake Petroglyphs

And yet the designs are similar to those found in Ireland!

Shaman – Medicine Man – Creature – ???

Snakes – Flying/Feathered Serpents – Dragons

Serpents Everywhere

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Kung Fu Fighting – Dread Zeppelin Cover

Whiskey and Water – Poverty Flats

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