Strange Rocks – Part 4a – Mythos

Take a Ride on the Wild Side – IDV/MIDV Update

Snakes, Serpents, and Dragons Everywhere

Below are a few links to examples we mentioned in this episode.

Saint Patrick and the Snakes

The Ishtar Gate


Reptilian Shapeshifters?

Elohim, Nephilim, Raphaim, Annunaki and the Watchers

Below are a few links dealing with the incredible heavenly creature mythologies we’ve discussed multiple times on our podcast. The views expressed on these links don’t necessarily represent the views of A Strange Thing Podcast. These links are intended to be a starting point for your own investigations.

WARNING! These topics can easily suck you down the vortex.

The Elohim

The Nephilim

The Rephaim

The Anunnaki

The Watchers

Ancient Mesopotamian Gods

Marduk, Baal, Molech, and More

Thor and Midgaurd Serpent Jormungandr

Austin’s Rocks


Darwinian Worm Poop Sinkage

Easter Island

Dry Fork Canyon, Uah – Severed Heads _ Big Feet

Petroglyph Point – Tule Lake

Mike’s Rocks

Balanced Rock -Southern Idaho

Rainbow Bridge – Southern Utah

Cabin Fever – Muppet Treasure Island

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