Strange Rocks – Part 4b – Mythos

In this episode we recklessly steer our conversation towards our big, hairy, and somewhat scary destination. Here are some details from that verbal journey.

Dwarves, Giants, Cannibals, and More

The Nimerigar (Cannibal Dwarves)

Native American Giants

Lovelock Cave Red Haired Cannibal Giants

YouTube Documentary

Kandahar Giant – Video

Bigfoot Petroglyph?

Bigfoot Investigation Kickoff Preview

To kick off ASTP’s next series on Bigfoot, Austin and Mike travelled to Yellowpine, Idaho to explore the location of well documented bigfoot sighting (we also scouted the area for an upcoming elk hunt). Here are a few pics of our adventure.

Yellowpine, ID Bigfoot Sighting – Rocky Mtn. Sasquatch Org.

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