E20 – Big Bros – Part 1 – Bigfoot


Investigating the documented sightings and encounters with creatures that do not fit the scientific narrative. Exploring the history that isn’t taught and the evidence you haven’t heard. Chasing down ‘Blurry Creatures’ that inhabit the fringes of reality and imagination. Examining the things that live in the space between science and legend–and the tangible and intangible.

The Patterson – Gimlin Film

This is the film that introduced the classic bigfoot pose. This iconic stride is prominently featured on merchandise throughout the world.

Hairy and the Hendersons

This fanciful 1987 production introduced the world to the idea of a loveable and benevolent bigfoot.

Why do so many campers and hikers go missing in our national forests? Maybe Harry and his ilk are a a bit more nefarious?

Travel Oregon

Travel Oregon has a an entire campaign featuring the loveable Squatch and best pal Yeti. Check out the website, it’s great !

The Giant of Kandahar

There are literally dozens of sites recounting this alleged event. Could this be a middle eastern cousin of our sasquatch? The link below chronicles the event with an interview from a soldier who purported to be there!

Stacking Rocks

Sure, it looks cool but is it something you should be doing? Some say NO!

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Media Bites

“Open your mind” – Total Recall – 1990

“I’m addicted to Mountain Dew” – KJ-52 – 2003

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