Having Strange Dreams?

Mike Ulrich

Lucid Pandemic Dreaming anyone? Yes, it’s a thing. Has anyone been experiencing an increase in remembered dreams?  If so, what were they about?

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    Shandy Shoemaker

    Not sure if this counts as a recurring dream, but it or should i say they, are very lucid. Where I have woken up with physical injuries before from actions I have done in the dreams. I guess that makes them Strange ( shrug emoji)
    So I am in my dreams, I am in a town. Not just a single building, or only outside. But in these different dreams I am in different locations in this town. Be it a bar, a barn, a house, the woods, a driveway, abasement, roof, grain bin. You get the point. How do I know i am in the same town? I can navigate in my dreams to certain parts of where ever I am and see spots in it from previous dreams.
    Like I have said they are very lucid so if i were to fall or fly and bump into something I have woken up with strains, pains and even bruises. I have been having these dreams since I can remember.
    Thanks for listening. I could go into more depth and give more details but dont want to take up to much of your valuable time. Im a fresh listener ( thanks Jack Luna and 11:59 media) and this is the first time I have spoken or reached out about these dreams. I am on episode 12 and just felt compelled to reach out. Thanks for your time! Best~ Shandy

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      Welcome Shandy! Thanks for reaching out and sharing your dream experiences. They sound VERY strange! The physical carryovers from a dream state are extremely strange...and unique! I hope you keep a dream diary and record your experiences? It would be fascinating to look back over time and see if any patterns or parallels emerge. Thanks again!

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