A Strange Thing in the Woods

Mike Ulrich

Do you have any STRANGE stories that happened outside?

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    Roy Chastain

    My grandmothera house in Palmetto Georgia has some spooky woods. Ever since I was a child I never wanted to go near the woods after the sun went down. There was always a very creepy feeling to them. One day I was working in the yard for her helping out and I was taking yard rubbish to the woods compost pile. The hour got late and I had to finish up so one last load into the woods after the sun dropped down. Walking in I had a very uneasy feeling. The deeper into the woods I went the stronger the feeling got. I made haste and dumped the load and hurried out. On the way out I could feel something breathing down my neck and could see wisp of shadows behind me. I have never felt the heebee geebies like that in my adult life but this was intense. As soon as I broke free of the woods the feeling stopped, but I didn't. LOL. I high tailed it out and into the house.

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