Cattle Mutilation Explanations

Mike Ulrich

What are your theories surrounding why Cattle Mutilations are happening?

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    The top 4 explanations for unnatural cattle deaths and mutilations:
    #1 - Vandalism/Poaching
    #2 - Satanic or Occultist ritualistic sacrifice
    #3 - Clandestine governmental testing
    #4 - Alien/UFO dissection and testing
    What are your thoughts?

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    Christopher O'Brien

    Get yourselves up2speed and read the bible on the subject of unexplained livestock deaths, Stalking the Herd. This is the only objective, complete case history of the phenomenon and it looks at ALL the evidence and cases, not just the 2% to 5% that feature strange lights and high-strange evidence. http://www.amazon.com/Stalking-Herd-Unraveling-Mutilation-Mystery/dp/1939149061/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1422753150&sr=1-1&keywords=stalking+the+herd

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      Hey Christopher, I've actually read a bit of your book while doing some research into the phenom. We actually mention you in the podcast that will drop next week. I'm happy to include your information and promo for your book and would love it if you would reciprocate if possible by direct linking to our page or mentioning us with a link back to our website and podcast.

      Our podcast design is to highlight strange phenomena from the 10,000 foot view. We dive down into some of the details but for the most part we are just trying to let people know about some strange things and then let them deep dive into the topics themselves. As such, I'm happy to assist you in your efforts to inform people. Thanks for the reply! -Mike Ulrich

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    Ken Baisch

    Just poking around and remembered that there was a report of 2 cattle issues last fall, 2019, on the Idaho/Nevada border. They were NW of Jackpot and about 2 miles west of Hwy 93. Deputy Stokesberry took the report and Lt Brown thought it was more likely the medicinal idea rather than the satanic ritual.

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      Hey Ken, we actually talked to the cattle owners on those and mention them in the series. We tried to get copies of the report but Lt. Brown denied our request because the investigation was still open. Thanks for lead and if you can get your hands on the report I'd buy you a beer! :-) Or coffee.

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