Season 1 Episodes

Strange Easter – E48

Brain Food – E47

Life is good – E46

Strange Brains – E45

Open Mike and Austin – E44

MOre Cattle Mutilations – E43

Strange ufo’s – E42

Strange ufo’s – E41

Episode #41 Detail

Strange Artifacts Part 3 – E40

Strange Artifacts Part 2 – E38

Strange Artifacts – E37

Strange Ghosts – E36

Old State Pen Investigation – E35

The Old Idaho State Penitentiary – E34

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Open Mike and Austin – E33

Strange gods – E32

Strange gods – E31

Strange gods – E30

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Strange gods – It’s Greek to Me – E29

Strange gods – E28

Strange Valentine – E27

Strange Quirks – E26

Big Bros – bigfoot
Episode Details

Episode Details

Episode Details

Episode Details

Strange Holiday Traditions
Episode Details

Petraglyphs – Strange Rocks

Strange Dreams

A Strange Act of Kindness

Spooky Things in a strange place

A Strange Thing in the Woods

Cattle Mutilations
Cattle Mutilations
Cattle Mutilations

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